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  • Nautical Charts (Paper & Digital) Nautical Charts (Paper & Digital)

    NAUTICAL CHARTS (paper and digital): Digital Projections carries a large number of Nautical Charts in stock, or near by:

    Canadian Hydrographic Service CHS charts: CHS charts for Canada's waterways, lakes, coasts, etc. Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)'s exceptional nautical charts and navigational products help ensure the safe navigation of Canada's waterways. These charts are the 'road maps' that guide mariners safely from port to port. With increasing commercial shipping, fishing activity, recreational boating, and the development of ocean resources, the role of CHS is more vital than ever. These charts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation by showing the depths of water, the nature of the sea bottom, elevations, configuration and characteristics of the coast, dangers, and aids to navigation.

    NOAA Charts: NOAA Charts are Nautical Charts which portray water depths, coastlines, dangers, aids to navigation, landmarks, bottom characteristics and other features, as well as regulatory, tide, and other information. They contain all critical corrections published in notices to mariners since the last new edition of the chart was released, as well as any newly compiled routine changes. Digital Projections is a NOAA chart reseller. Custom order your NOAA chart with confidence. We guarentee top quality, speed, accuracy, at the lowest pricing in the market.

    Imray charts: Imray Charts provide coverage of popular areas on sheets specially designed for the needs of yachtsmen. The charts contain large scale port insets in addition to all the small craft information. Imray charts are printed on Pretex, a partially synthetic paper, which folds well and is durable in damp conditions. It may be drawn on in both pencil and ball point pen. Imray charts set the standard for the leisure sector with award-winning cartography which features a distinctive colour scheme, coloured light sectors and fine overprinted latitude and longitude grids to make plotting easier.

    CUSTOM NAUTICAL CHARTS and CUSTOM MAPS: Use your imagination, and let us make it come true. We can reproduce, enlarge, edit, print on many media (Bond, Photo Base, Canvas, Dibond, Banner, Back-lit Display, Decal), just to name a few. Custom for size, custom for coverage area, and custom for finish. Digital Projections guarantees: Excellent quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround.

    Canadian and International Nautical Charts
    Canadian Hydrographic Service CHS charts / NOAA charts / Imray charts / & More


    Canadian and International Charts

    Custom Nautical Charts and Maps - Reproduced / With the Finishing of your Choice