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    Digital Projections is committed to finishing your job & meeting all of your deadlines! We are a small dedicated business that can handle all of your drafting and design, custom mapping and printing needs. From start to finish! Working on many various and challenging digital projects for over 25 years has prepared us with valuable skills and excellent expertise. Based in Calgary. We provide services to all of Canada and the USA. Digital Projections can offer YOU the best in Computer Mapping, Digitizing, Custom Drafting and Design, Cadastral Mapping, Cartography, full Printing and Reproductions, CAD, GIS, and GPS products and services. Digital Projections is your #1 source for all digital services and products. Top quality at incredible rates.

  • Computer Drafting & Design Services rate - $49 cdn per hour

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    Digital Projections is your solution to all Cad Drafting and Design Projects. If you can provide us any sketches, hand-drawn drawings, or existing digital files for editing, we can help you! We support working in a number of CAD software and formats, such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, TurboCAD, also MapInfo, ERSI AcrView, ArcGIS, ArcInfo, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, and many other software.

    Need some drawings done for your CITY OF CALGARY permits, for expanding or revising your floor plan or location? Need any Architectural design drawings, for additions or renovations? Again we can help! We are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced in general CAD operations, enabling you to get quickly the best of those services at a high level of efficiency and at a much lower cost than going to an actual Consulting Architectural firm or a Servey company. We believe in developing a close relationship with our clients to get a clear understanding of their requirements. Our vast skill set enables us to handle the most complex and detailed projects. Digital Projections also offers Paper to Cad conversion by tracing, digitizing, vectorizing, as well as by scanning. Please see DIGITIZING and SCANNING services for more information and details.

    Why choose us? Perhaps our drive is what makes us the best candidate, and most different. We do whatever it takes to make your project one hundred percent the way you imagined it or better.

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