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    CAD / GIS / GPS Solutions We offer custom digital mapping. Maps are custom fitted and created to your exact specifications, either from scratch or modified from our existing large data base of various digital maps and software, on hand or close by.
    Our skills in engineering drafting, graphic arts, extensive cartography background combined with a good knowledge of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and the "Map Making" process are all essential parts behind the creation of our eye catching and appealing products. Designed, digitized, drawn, drafted, or scanned and modified, we can up-date maps or create new ones. We can add new information, add structure in detailed layers, optimize and highlight, customize with your logos, legends, and colors as required.

  • Custom Mapping rate - $60 cdn per hour

  • Compare anywhere, and see for yourself. Quality is guaranteed.

  • City maps with highly detailed features - map

  • Have you seen the perfect map, but it's not quite the right size or area? Let us enlarge, reduce, crop, or splice it with perfect results, so it's what you really want.

  • Government Topographic maps, they're great, but how can they be put together digitally or get printed? Well, let us help! This is one of our specialties. MD and County maps too.

  • Need a huge wall map made up from 2, 3, 4, or more maps? Look no more, Digital Projections does much of this kind of custom work.

  • Need your logo added and some key points to show on top of a certain map? No worries, work with us and it will work out for you.

  • Publishing a map for your office, for your brochure, for your book, for your PowerPoint, for your wall? We can do it. That's exactly what we do.

  • Need it digitally, need it larger or smaller, need it different, need it changed, need it right away, need it yesterday? This is the place, look no further.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - digital map

    DIGITAL PROJECTIONS offers detailed map coverage for Canada, USA, and the World.
    PAPER MAPS: Road maps, Topographic maps, Outline maps, Detailed maps, Recreational maps, Atlases, and Guides -
    Covering cities, towns, highways, backroads, trails, rural, provinces or states, countries, regions, continents, and the world.
    DIGITAL MAPS: vector and raster - Clear, accurate, and up-to-date.
    Hundreds of paper & digital products all from one place. We are the on-site Cartographic service, Custom map editing, Graphic Design and Reproductions store.

    Unique, up to date, accurate - digital maps

    When image matters - don't take chances. Call the experts for professional results. Let us help!!
    ALL CUSTOM - From Design to Production - DIGITAL PROJECTIONS

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