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    FarmTrax TOPO - GPS Mapping Software

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  • FarmTrax TOPO - GPS Mapping

    FarmTrax TOPO consists of detailed road and street maps covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Quarter Section lookup is supported in these areas.
    Support: FarmTrax TOPO is supported by the people from Sitefinder GPS.

    Detailed Roads - Quarter Sections - Turn by Turn Routing - Wildlife Management Units - Topographical Data - Tree Cover - Garmin GPS Compatible - Easy To Use.

    How to Use the SD Card: Turn the GPS unit off, and then insert the SD/Micro SD card into the GSP unit. Turn the unit back on and select "Where to" from the main menu. Select "Cities" from the menu. On some units you may need to scroll the screen down to see all the options. Select "Spell" from the screen that appears. You can now type in your land location using the keyboard that appears. To allow for faster searching, omit the meridian from your search. Also, it is not necessary to preface numbers with zeroes. The format to type it in looks like this: NE-34-3-17. Once your land location has been typed in, select "Done" and another screen will appear. This screen will list your land location at several different meridians. Depending on the land location, you may need to scroll down to find the one you are looking for. Select the one that you want by pressing on it with your finger. Once the next screen appears, select "Go" and your GPS will route you there.

    FarmTrax TOPO will offer you a detailed road network, quarter sections, topographical data, GPS compatibility, and it's very easy to use.

    Note: This product comes as an SD/Micro SD card for newer Garmin GPS units (Nuvi and Mapping handheld units.) Garmin GPS units with expandable memory that support mapping.

    Check out this youtube video for more information on how it works: OilTrax LSD Lookup on Garmin GPS

    $204.95 cdn