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    Go BiG with color! We offer full COLOR, Grayscale, and B/W large format printing, digital plotting, and full reproduction services. Many file formats are accepted. There are a number of ways you can send us your files: Go ahead and Email them to if your maximum attachment size is less than 10 MB. You may also want to use WinZip, WinRar, or 7-Zip if they help to compress your file(s). For larger data files, if they are on an FTP site, we are able to download them at no charge, just make sure to provide us the proper link, user name, and password. alternatively, you can also use websites such as "", "", or "" which are free to use sites for sending large data files. And finally, if you choose, you can put your files on CD-Rom, DVD, or USB key and then ship it to us, or stop by (please call first to arrange), for fast and clear digital output. Most large format printing orders can be done while you wait.

    We offer printing on a variety of media to choose from. 2400 DPI resolution. Unbeatable quality and price. Send us your digital photos, pictures, graphics, maps, charts, posters, designs, drawings, or artwork, for top quality and economical digital printing output. A minimum of $15.00 cdn applies per plot or file on Printing. Some specialized file formats or extremely large digital files maybe surcharged an additional ripping fee (to be negotiated with client.)
    Most orders are printed while you wait, same day, or within 24 hours. RUSH ORDERS ARE WELCOMED.

    Our PRICE LIST for LARGE FORMAT PRINTING or DIGITAL PLOTTING is based on the square footage of your image trim size:
    MEDIA (We stock and use for large format printing) - - - Color Plotting - - - - - - Grayscale or Bk/Wh - - -
    Bond - High quality presentation paper stock $6.00 /SQ FT$5.00 /SQ FT
    Vellum - Milky paper base $7.50 /SQ FT$6.50 /SQ FT
    Photo Base - Photographic quality, great color contrast $8.50 /SQ FT$7.50 /SQ FT
    Clear Transparency - Transparent film/Transparent decal $9.00 /SQ FT$8.00 /SQ FT
    Mylar - Milky film base $9.00 /SQ FT$8.00 /SQ FT
    Adhesive Vinyl - Peal and stick Vinyl, Wallpaper $9.75 /SQ FT$8.75 /SQ FT
    Water Resistant Paper - For printing hiking topo maps $9.75 /SQ FT$8.75 /SQ FT
    Artist Stretch Canvas (Giclée) - Textured 17 mil Canvas $13.50 /SQ FT$12.50 /SQ FT
    Poly Fabric - Smooth poly fabric (white with silver sheen) $13.50 /SQ FT$12.50 /SQ FT
    Back-lit Display - Bright and high contrast colors   $ Contact us $$ Contact us $
    Aluminum (Metal Prints) - Your photos on Aluminum   $ Contact us $$ Contact us $
    Textured Prints (Jet Varnish 3D) - Textured polymer printing   $ Contact us $$ Contact us $
    Car Door & Wall Decals / Magnets: For Car, office, home   $ Contact us $$ Contact us $
    Direct Printing (Flat bed) - Onto Foam Core, Coroplast, Dibond, Glass,
    Clear Plexi, Vinyl Banner, & Canvas
    (up to 119 inches wide on a roll) 
    $ Contact us $$ Contact us $

    To find out your price, first find out the sizes (length and width) of your images in inches, convert them to feet, multiply length x width and then by the price. See examples below:
    I.E.: A piece that is 20 x 36 inches printed as color on Photo Base = (20/12 x 36/12) x $8.50 = $42.50 cdn
    A piece that is 41 x 60 inches printing as color on bond = (41/12 x 60/12) x $6.00 = $102.50 cdn
    We also offer discounts on larger items and multiples, all depending on your order, to be quoted upon request. These products are for indoor uses, but for outdoor displays and banners, Digital Projections also offers a wide variety of printing solutions and mounting, so please contact us for a custom quote.

    Full service reproduction, specializing in large format and oversized items. Turn your favorite photos into wall size posters for a fraction of normal cost charged by photographers. Print custom art pieces, engineering drawings, impressive posters, display banners, maps and charts with professional results. Special orders are welcome. We also offer great rates on Letter, Legal, and Ledger size high resolution, high volume, high speed printing.

    Digital Projections offers small and large format scanning, paper to digital. See more detail under DIGITIZING/SCANNING page.
    Available services for finishing your prints are: Lamination, Mounting on 3/16" and 1/2" Foam Core, Mounting on corrugated plastic Coroplast, Mounting on clear or white Acrylic. Also available, and very popular choices: Plaque Mounting, Float Mounting, Flush Mounting, Mat-Plaque, Mat-Float, and Mat-Flush Mounting, all mounted on MDF wooden boards featuring colored beveled edge, and include matte laminate. We also do Canvas digital output, Canvas stretching, Canvas transfer, and custom picture framing using metal or wooden mouldings. For more detail on finishing, see our PICTURE FRAMING page.

    We do Large Format Printing and Reproduction of: Maps, Digital Photos, Engineering Drawings, Charts, Graphics, Art / Artwork, Posters, Canvas (Giclée), Signs (indoor and outdoor), Decals (indoor and outdoor incl. Window & Auto), Banners, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Booklets, Books, and more.
    We do High Quality Photo Finishing (Dye-Sublimation): Standard sizes are 4x6", 5x7", 8x8", 8x10", 8x12", 11x14", 11x16.5", 12x12", 12x18", great quality photographs, your choice of Gloss or Matte finish.
    We also offer Direct Printing: Onto Foam Core, Coroplast, Dibond, Vinyl Banner, Stretch Canvas, and other smooth flat material on our large flat bed printer, using UV inks, for indoor and outdoor applications.

    Bond: High quality presentation paper stock, commonly used for printing maps, charts, and graphics. As is, or laminated, or mounted, many options available to finish.
    Vellum: Milky paper base, commonly used to print engineering/design drawings. Light table friendly.
    Photo Base: Photographic quality, highly recommended to print your photos and graphics on, for best color contrast output. Lamination, mounting, and framing options available.
    Clear Transparency: Impress your clients with a removable clear overlay on top of your presentation. The Transparent decal is commonly done as windshield and windows stickers, small to large, custom made to be applied on the inside or outside surfaces of glass.
    Mylar: Milky film base, similar applications as Vellum, higher durability being plastic based. Both Vellum and Mylar are translucent media.
    Adhesive Vinyl: Peal and stick Vinyl, Wallpaper, an easy and economical way to display a huge piece of art or advertisement directly onto your wall.
    Water Resistant Paper: For printing hiking Topo maps that can stand up to all types of weather, and fold neatly.
    Artist Stretch Canvas (Giclée): Highly recommended for printing your photos, and making them look more like genuine paintings. The texture of Canvas will enhance photos lacking in resolution or details, and adds to the overall look.
    Poly Fabric: Smooth poly fabric (white with silver sheen), compliment your décor with digitally printed artwork or logos onto this beautiful fabric. A unique and stylish look. Can be stretched or directly glowed onto any surface.
    Back-lit Display: Unlike a traditional poster, a Back-lit poster is printed on a transparent or semi-transparent medium or Duratrans film, which allows the Backlit poster to glow, when mounted in a light box, which can be quoted separately.
    Aluminum (Metal Prints): Print your own photos at top quality on eye-catching metal. Stunning. Innovative and built to last, ready to display. Simply a flash of brilliance. Your image will be printed on 0.045" thick Aluminum. Four options to display: Order and mount the sheet of Aluminum as is, or attached to wood to make it look like a Float Mount (by a block or frame hanger), or used with silver 1" stand-off hardware, or picture framed with your choice of moulding. Only comes in set sizes. Specify square or round corners. Contact us for more details and pricing.
    Textured Prints (JetVarnish 3DS): Textured polymer printing produces the most amazing types of prints, where polymer is applied onto specific locations to the print which brings your image to life. These 3D prints will be most appealing to both the eye and touch. We also offer 3D gold foil with spot Varnish and 3D silver foil with spot Varnish.
    Car Door & Wall Decals / Magnets: Advertise your business every time you drive, with easy to to install fade-resistant, wind-tested and durable magnets and decals. Logo custom wall decals to customized your office, decorate any room, or brand your event. Removable or permanent Vinyl decals. Contact us for more details and pricing.
    Direct Printing (Flat bed): Printing direct onto Foam Core and Coroplast is commonly done as a very economical way to print a sign. Foam Core for indoors, Coroplast for outdoors, like a yard sign for example. Just stick in a wire stand or wire stakes, and voilà. Dibond is a better, more durable and attractive media to use for an outdoor sign than Coroplast. Dibond's composition is Plexi sandwiched by two light weight thin Aluminum panels (see image below). Using UV inks, a Dibond Sign can live for many many years outside, laminated or as is. We do also print on the back of Glass and clear Plexi (reversed image.) Hang on the wall using sleek stand-off hardware (which we can also supply.) Amazing high quality. You won't be disappointed. And finally we also print Indoor & Outdoor Vinyl Banners and Canvas up to 119 inches wide on a roll.

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  • Please Phone or Email us for a free estimate. All prices above are listed in $CDN.