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    World Aeronautical Charts / Russian Topos / British Topos

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  • World Air Charts / Russian Topos / British Topos

    GNC, JNC, ONC, TPC, JOG CHARTS GNC, JNC, ONC, TPC, JOG CHARTS: Digital Projections is a great source as a supplier of the GNC, JNC, ONC, TPC, and JOG Aeronautical / Topographical charts. 3 options: Paper, scanned to digital (tiff/Jpg/Pdf/Bmp/Png), or Geo-referenced (to real World co-ordinates) as GeoTiffs or World files (Tfw), and ready to be used in most GIS Software (such as: ArcView, ArcInfo, MapInfo, and more.) We also offer splicing of multiple maps to create one big tiled map to your exact request.
    • GNC (Global Navigation & Planning Chart) Aeronautical Charts at 1:5,000,000 scale
    • JNC (Jet Navigation Chart) Aeronautical Charts at 1:2,000,000 scale
    • ONC (Operational Navigation Chart) Aeronautical Charts at 1:1,000,000 scale
    • TPC (Tactical Pilotage Chart) Aeronautical Charts at 1:500,000 scale
    • JOG (Joint Operational Graphic) Aeronautical Charts at 1:250,000 scale
    Ranging in scale from 1:5,000,000 down to 1:250,000, these charts cover the entire world. They are a great source for getting map detail for local and international areas, offering topographic contour lines, different types of roads (primary to secondary), water drainage (coastlines, lakes, rivers, creeks, islands), railroads, population (cities, towns, villages), borders, parks, and much more.

    RUSSIAN TOPOS RUSSIAN TOPOS: Digital Projections is also a supplier of the Russian Topo maps (Soviet Military Issue Topographic Maps.) These maps sometimes offer a much better contour interval for some international countries, and a better scale down to 1:100,000, or even 1:10,000 in some areas. The maps are in Russian, but are proven to be extremely useful on featuring land detail and topography for international areas.

    Many in the cartographic field know that the former Soviet Union mapped a large part of the earth's surface, producing some of the highest quality topographic maps produced anywhere. These maps cover not only the Russian empire, but most of the globe including even the United States and Canada. Many of our clients normally pruchase them for also Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

    Until relatively recently, these maps were secret and unavailable. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, these maps became available commercially in the above different scales.

    BRITISH TOPOS BRITISH TOPOS: Custom ordered for areas where available, these British Topographic Quadrangle maps offer great map detail, sometimes down to 1:50,000 scale or less, and offer a great contour interval for international countries.

    Data is normally put on CD-ROM, DVD, or USB key and shipped regular or rush to you. It can also be supplied via the internet: By Email (depending on the file size), put on our FTP site with easy to download steps, or using free file transfer websites, such as Dropbox or Yousendit.

    The pricing varies with the area and the scale, so please contact us today for a free estimate. We can also supply you an index of the maps for your area of interest, and any other information you may need to identify the area needed.

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