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    Canadian Topographic Maps:
    Digital Raster Federal Topos, 1:50k and 1:250k
    GeoTiff, TFW, Scanned Tiff, and other raster formats

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  • Canadian orders carry applicable taxes. USA orders, no taxes, duty/brokerage fee maybe added by courier (if applicable)
  • Raster GeoTiff / TFW / Tiff

  • GeoTiff format:
  • Scanned & geo-referenced federal topographic maps at 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scales. The GeoTiff will maintain their calibration when imported to most GIS software (I.E.: ESRI ArcView, ArcInfo, MapInfo, etc.) These 300dpi GeoTiffs are $5cdn per Topo, which is a single NTS (National Topographic System) map sheet. Maps include the full legend information on the side and the collar, the same way as the full paper map topo product. Data can either be burned on DVD / CD Rom and shipped, uploaded to our FTP site for easy downloading, or Emailed to you (depending on your order.)

  • TFW format:
  • Custom order your topo maps as a TFW (World files) with the legend and collar on or off. Without legend and collar will fasilitate easy tiling in most GIS Software. Choose the resolution up to 300dpi for $35cdn per each NTS map. Normal turn around is about one day plus shipping time. Posting files on our FTP, or Emailing them to you, is a possible option as well.

  • Scanned Tiff and other raster formats:
  • The scanned 300dpi Topographic maps are $5cdn each. This format is just the scanned image for the entire map, no calibration, geo-referencing, or cropping. DVDs or CDs are custom made with the NTS topos of your choice. Raster formats topos can be made available to you as: Tiff, jpeg, bmp, gif, psd, pdf, png...

  • ETopo Canadian Topos:
  • Pre-packaged CDs covers Pre-determined areas. Each CD has over a hundred Canadian Government digital scanned topographic maps in PNG format, which can be converted to Tiff or any other raster format with most photo editor software (like PhotoShop for example.) ETopo is a great economical purchase to obtain topo maps for a large area. These maps are pre-calibrated to Memory-Map, Fugawi, and Ozi Explorer GPS software. See ETopo Scanned Canadian Federal Topos for detail.

  • USA Topographic Maps: Igage USA Topos:
  • USA Topographic Maps, pre-packaged CDs are available per each state. Easily output TFW (World files) or Tiff format maps. All Igage Topographic maps are derived from the USGS Digital Raster Graphics. The 1:24,000 scale maps are re-sampled to 160 DPI, all other maps (1:63,360 scale Alaska, 1:100,000 scale, 1:250,000 scale) are 250 DPI scans (1:24,000 scale Alaska maps are 250 DPI.) See Igage USA Topos for detail.