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    Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED)

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  • Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED)

    The Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) comprise raster data from the Federal Topographic contours at the 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scales. These data are used in geographic information systems (GIS) for land-management applications. In addition to providing estimated values of elevation points, CDED can be used to determine orientation and slope of each point when used in GIS applications. CDED can also be used for terrain modelling, for intervisibility studies, for satellite image rectification, for flood simulations, etc. For example, in telecommunications, CDED can be used for wave propagation studies. Follows the NTS system and comes in Raster USGS Asscii format on CD-Rom or Email. Each pixel includes X,Y,Z co-ordinate (lat/long or UTM), and an assigned color.
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