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    * Spring Rollers for Maps and Posters / Wall Racks & Mounting Hardware:

    Spring Rollers for MapsDisplay System for maps and posters

    Spring Rollers for Maps and Posters: Spring Rollers take the convenience of maps a step further. Your map can be display when it is needed and rolled up and out of the way when it's not. The map stays readily accessible - no more hunting around in storage rooms to find it.
    All Spring Rollers come with a metal U bar (backboard) to mount on your wall and offers support to the roller, and a pull bar to attach at the bottom of your map or poster with a pull handle (loop.)
    A Great Way to Save Space........and have the maps you need conveniently displayed! All items on this page are custom order only.

    Display Wall Racks & Mounting Hardware: To install your spring rollers, we carry a number of attractive wall racks and hardware options.

    Please Note: Recommend to use only 1.7 mil laminated maps and posters. Only one map per roller is better, a maximum of two is possible.
    We recommend that we do the installation of the maps onto the rollers (at $49 cdn per map.) Alternatively, if you are handy, we can walk you through the process if you want to do it yourself.
    Every office, school, home office needs at least one or more of these unique and very useful rollers.

    Spring Rollers for Maps
    Spring Rollers for Maps
    Spring Rollers come at these following sizes below. All Spring Rollers come with a metal U bar (backboard) to mount on your wall, and a pull bar to attach at the bottom of your map or poster with a pull handle (loop.)
    All wall mounting hardware are extra, see below.
    Maximum map width 38" = $174.95cdn
    Maximum map width 51" = $184.95cdn
    Maximum map width 63" = $199.95cdn

    4-Step Map Wall Rack
    4-Step Map Wall Rack
    Map rack shown is intended to display up to 4 individually mounted maps. The rack uses a safety-type mounting which helps prevent unexpected release of the map backboard. This rack can display up to four spring rollers. Spring roller and map is included in photo for illustration only, and is not included with rack. Wood screws (to be anchored in wall studs) also not included. Dimensions: 19.5" W x 10.5" H x 8.0" D. Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

    Single Mounting Bracket
    Single Mounting Bracket
    The single map mounting brackets are suitable for hanging either a single or dual map set on a spring roller. These brackets are fastened directly to the wall using wood screws (not included). The metal spring roller backboard slides securely onto buttons. Dimensions: 7.0" W x 1.75" H. Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.

    Two Button Mounting Hardware Set
    Two Button Mounting Hardware Set
    The two button mounting option is ideal for residential or commercial spaces that require mounting a map to sheetrock walls. Buttons are sold as a pair allowing you to space them to your preference, ideally each one would be secured to a stud. Simply screw each steel 'button' to the wall and the backboard of the spring roller map will slide right over them. Recommended with a single roller. For longer rollers you may want to order two sets of these. See racks for multiple rollers. Dimensions: 1.25" Dia. Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.

    Map Hooks 1 inch and 2 inch
    Map Hooks 1 inch and 2 inch
    Map hooks slide onto existing chalkboard / whiteboard "map rails" in a classroom. The hooks come in 1 inch or 2 inch sizes. Order to match width of your classroom's map rail. Either size hook will hold any single or combo spring roller map. These map hooks are ideal for mounting 3 map and larger combinations onto existing map rails. Hooks sold in pairs. Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    1" Hooks = $11.95cdn
    2" Hooks = $14.95cdn.
    Two Map Mounting System
    Two Map Mounting System
    This dual map mount is ideal for fitting two spring roller maps in the same wall space, one hangs right above the other. The Two-Map Mounting System is suitable for single spring roller maps only. The mounting system is fastened directly to the wall, and allows each map to be pulled down individually. An excellent space saver. Wood screws not included. Dimensions: 6" W x 6.5" H x 3.75" D. Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.
    Tripod Mounting System
    Tripod Mounting System
    The tripod mount is suitable for a single spring roller map, or a dual map combo. This is an ideal mounting system for the boardroom, and is an excellent way to make your maps portable from classroom to classroom. The spring roller's metal backboard channel slides right onto the included button mount adapter. Dimensions: Adjustable up to 7' High. Shipping Weight: 20 lbs.

    Please Also Note: All spring rollers and display wall racks & mounting hardware are custom ordered upon your request. Product is made in the USA. Your custom order can be packaged and drop shipped to your office/home, or sent here and held ready for your pick-up. Since these items are ordered to your specs and details, a packaging and shipping charge will be applicable. Please contact us for a shipping quote based on the combination of what you require.
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