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    A list of Digital Projections' policies with some FAQs:

  • Technical Support: Detailed tech support on your Software product, that Digital Projections sells as an online map store, comes directly from the Software manufacture. However, if you have a general question after purchasing your product, or need to find out about a feature of the product, our staff will always answer your questions as best to their abilities, and will try to find a solution that will work.
  • Returns and exchanges: Digital Projections offers returns and exchanges on products such as world globes, paper maps, books and guides, all within one week from date of purchase. At Christmas time / December sales, this is extended to one month if purchase is a gift. Returned item must be sent back to us in the exact same condition, and in the undamaged original packaging (if any). Digital Projections holds the right to refuse a return or an exchange.
  • No returns or exchanges: No returns or exchanges offered on digital software products, digital data, digital maps, custom orders, and services which require labor.
  • For returns and exchanges: If you are unhappy with your product, please contact us and return your item(s) within the allowed time. Most returned items are subject to 20% restocking, unless there is a problem with the product.
  • Defects: If you find any defects with your item(s), please contact us immediately, and we will either find a solution, exchange it, or fully refund you. We are fully committed to providing you top quality products and services.
  • Pricing: Our listed website prices are subject to change without notice. We are a small business, and we carry hundreds of products, so we struggle to keep our pricing up to date, especially on Wall Maps and Globes. Their prices change on regular bases, so if you are interested in ordering a product, please contact us for a quote or up to date price, and we will hold that price for you when ordering it. The fact that the product is listed on our website for less or more, it does NOT mean this is the actual price. It's just a guide line.
  • Mounting/Lamination Services: For irreplaceable prints or very expensive artwork, we recommend conservation framing (which we also offer) over any other type of mounting/laminating, this will keep the value intact and is safer.
  • Estimates: Free estimates are provided as a rough guide for costs upon request. Digital projections will make every effort to stay as close to an estimate as possible. If your items require additional work, which arose at a later point, we will re-quote you, and let you know ahead of time. If your project is done for less than the estimate we will charge less. If your project is expanded, we will let you know before hand, and as soon as we are made aware of this addition or increase. In some rare cases, if your cost does end up slightly more, this is only due for example to a a print or plaque size increase, or some inaccuracy in the information that was provided to us.
  • Estimates on large projects: Sometimes, a large project, it's hard to give a precise estimate. In this case, dividing the project into smaller portions is helpful. For example, if you require 30 maps designed for a book your publishing, doing the first map as a project will usually set the trend, and give both of us a better idea of what is involved to produce the rest.
  • Custom work: Prepayment is required for any custom work and custom orders. We accept Cash, Cheques, Money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal. No exceptions, unless you have an account set up with us. Special conditions apply on new accounts.
  • Minimum charge: Any digital design work that takes us under one hour is charged to the full hour, as our minimum charge is one hour of labour. After the first hour, we charge to the nearest quarter hour (rounding up.) Our hourly rate per hour and other minimum charges on different services are all listed under each of the services that we offer. Depending on the nature of the order, at times we may discount our miniumum charge especially if combined with other services and products on the same purchase.
  • Credit card orders: Digital Projections accepts credit card orders by phone, fax, email (not recommended), or in person, and will only ship these orders to Canada and the USA. In fact, we accept cash, cheques, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. However, no order will be processed to ship outside of Canada and the US, if payment is made with a credit card. If your item(s) require shipping outside of Canada and the US, other payment method must be made, such as cash, certified cheque, or a money order.
  • Credit card responsibility: Please make sure the credit card number and expiry date are given to us correctly and in the right order. We also require the full name as listed on the card, your name, complete shipping address (if shipping is required), and your contact telephone numbers. An Email address is also helpful, so we can provide you with a tracking number for your shipment, and easily communicate to you about your order.
  • Regarding Payment: You may not know this, but small businesses pay large fees to process Credit Card payments, so to help us keep our pricing low, please consider paying for your order by Cash, a Cheque, or a Money order. Pricing can slightly change without advanced notice. We regularly update our pricing on all listed items to keep up with the current changing market value and competitors' rates.
  • For USA and other International Customers: Please be aware that there is a possibility of you being charged customs fees (a certain percentage of the price you paid for your order) when it arrives in your country. This varies from country to country, so make sure to familiarize yourself with your country's customs fees and be prepared for this. Very often they may not charge you at all, however, this is entirely out of our control and you are responsible for paying any customs fees on your package. There are no refunds on customs fees as this has nothing to do with our shop and is entirely dependent on the laws of your country. If the order gets sent back because you failed to pay customs fees or pick up your package, you can pay for the item to be shipped again, there are no refunds on unclaimed packages.
  • Why choose Digital Projections: Our staff and contractors are true experts in mapping, graphic design, reproductions, finishing (such as plaque mounting, canvas stretching, lamination, and picture framing), and few other related services, as we list on our website. We have been in business in Calgary as Digital Projections for over 12 years now, servicing many repeated satisfied clients. Our commitment to quality and excellence is a passion. Please make Digital Projections your first and preferred stop for all your custom digital designs, mapping, printing, scanning, maps, finishing, signs, and artwork needs.
  • Respecting the Environment: Digital Projections makes every effort to recycle all recyclable waste. Our policy is to always minimize damage done to the environment, as environment preservation is a top consideration in our daily activities. We also always try to reduce waste for the benefit of the community.
  • Copyright: © Digital Projections - Copyright 2023, all rights are reserved.

    Policies and other related Information

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