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    PatchMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping Software

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  • PatchMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping

    PatchMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping Software: PatchMap is the most complete set of Garmin GPS oilfield locations and road information available – period.
    We have more roads – almost 100,000 MORE KILOMETERS OF ROAD - than any other software available. That’s probably why PatchMap is the most popular oilfield mapping software in Western Canada.

    Our patch-specific map means you can find any well licensed (active and abandoned) and any facility in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

    It’s the most comprehensive set of continually updated oilfield roads in existence anywhere. With PatchMap in your Garmin GPS or PC, you’re just a few clicks away from a job-specific map. With PatchMap PC, you’ll get turn-by-turn directions, printable for your records and your crews.

    PatchMap is a ‘locked’ mapset – unfortunately, this means not all Garmin GPS units will see this mapset. Please call use for more details.

    With PatchMap, you can . . .
    Find wellsites by bottomhole / ERCB wellname and route to the SURFACE location. PatchMap takes you to the wellhead because that’s where you need to go. The Other Guys send you straight to the downhole.

    Or search by Operator or Type of Facility (Wellsite) and Operator. The Other Guys won’t help you here, either – we’re the only software searchable this way.

    Learn well info – operator name, license date, current operator, drill path and strike zone. Our BC data even includes cancelled locations. More features exclusive to PatchMap only.

    See radio frequencies and kilometer posts . . . you’ll only get these with PatchMap.

    Separate winter access from all-weather access, because you work twelve months a year. The Other Guys don’t worry about these kinda details.

    With PatchMap PC, sharing route designs, track, and location information is as easy as sending an email - a tiny file is bottled up into an attachment. Just hit send, and you’ll keep your office and field staff on the same page. No more photocopies, no more handwritten directions, no more lost crews – PatchMap saves you time and money.

    If you’d like to see exactly how PatchMap can save you time, money, and stress, please watch this short youtube video: Skybase Mapping’s Youtube Channel

    Note: This product comes as the following:
  • PatchMap SD card with Topo information - $489.95
  • PatchMap DVD (PC Windows) with Topo information - $1489.95
  • Updates are currently $75.00 and $235.00 respectively, from SkyBase

  • The SD cards are for newer Garmin GPS units (Nuvi and Mapping handheld units.) Garmin GPS units with expandable memory that support mapping. Please specify which one you want, when ordering this product.