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    OilTrax Canada with PLUS - GPS Mapping Software

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  • OilTrax NT - GPS Mapping

    OilTrax Canada for Garmin on SD/Micro SD. Includes subscription to OilTrax PLUS.

    Find your way to LSDs quickly and easily with Oiltrax. It has detailed mapping coverage of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Oiltrax has all the information you need to do away with bulky maps and make your job easier. Oiltrax is designed to work in conjunction with most Garmin GPS navigation systems, as well as Garmin's Mapsource program. Oiltrax NT is now created with Garmin's own mapping software, enabling a greater degree of compatibility than ever before. Oiltrax is supported by Sitefinder GPS. Sitefinder GPS provides both phone and email support for fast and easily available answers to any questions. Maps are layered so that more detail appears as the map is zoomed closer in. At a distance, an overlay of the Township system can be seen with labels for quick reference. OilTrax road information is the most up to date information available for GPS. OilTrax also has the capability to generate routes and directions between multiple points.

    Note: This product comes as a DVD (for PC Windows), or as an SD/Micro SD cards for newer Garmin GPS units (Nuvi and Mapping handheld units.) Please specify which one you want, when ordering this product.

    Check out this youtube video for more information on how it works: OilTrax LSD Lookup on Garmin GPS

    Now $204.95 cdn for OilTrax Canada


    $244.95 cdn for OilTrax with 1-year subscription to OilTrax PLUS
    (Enchanced features and software update service.)