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    AgMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping Software

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  • AgMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping

    AgMap by SkyBase - GPS Mapping Software: AgMap | Search the legal, find the farm | it’s that easy.

    Are you at home on the road? Do you pull into a farmer’s driveway as often as your own? Have the ragged ol’ county maps in your truck seen better days? Tired of shelling out thirty to fifty bucks per county, per map?

    Are you a land agent or crop inspector? Do you sell insurance or fix farm equipment? Or just someone who likes to get where they’re going without getting lost?

    With AgMap in your Garmin GPS, you can find your way to any farm in Western Canada. That’s right – ANY farm. AgMap contains all the quarter sections of surveyed farmland in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and North Eastern British Columbia.

    AgMap’s features include . . .
    Legals searchable by quarter section
    Visible quarter line boundaries
    Dynamic map provides “real-time” legal land locations as you drive
    At just $149, you can find your way around four provinces for the same cost as four county maps.

    If you’d still like to use your county maps, AgMap‘s quarter section points tell you exactly what map you’ll need to pull out – no guess work required!

    There’s also a Garmin PC version available if you’d like to be able to navigate using your laptop, and AgMap Mobile works great on Ultra Mobile PCs, too.

    AgMap – waste less time, make more money.

    AgMap - $149.00 cdn
    Note: This product comes as an SD/Micro SD card for newer Garmin GPS units (Nuvi and Mapping handheld units.) Garmin GPS units with expandable memory that support mapping.
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